Hyperlactation (Hypergalactia)

Also known as overabundant milk supply, hyperlactation results in the baby receiving too much carbohydrate-rich foremilk and too little fatty hindmilk.  It also increases the mother’s risk for plugged ducts and breast infections. 

Signs and Symptoms in Baby

  • Noisy nursing, including gulping, choking or coughing.
  • Baby’s breast refusal, won’t stay latched on or won’t suckle strongly.
  • Severe gas.
  • Green, frothy, explosive stools.
  • Irritated diaper area, often severe.
  • Too much or too little weight gain.

Signs and Symptoms in Mother

  • Forceful let-down.
  • May have intense pain with the first let-down reflex.
  • Sore nipples.
  • Breasts may never feel comfortable of refill very quickly.
  • May have frequent or recurrent breast infections.

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