Breast Reduction

A breast surgery performed to remove excess tissue, fat and skin to reduce the size of a breast.

  • More of a concern than augmentation because surgery disrupts nipples, nerves and ducts.
  • Breastfeeding success is possible but providers should follow the infant’s growth closely.
  • You may need to talk to the mother about realistic goals for lactation, bonding with baby, etc.
  • Consider use of a lactation supplemental nursing device at the breast.
  • Obtain a thorough surgical history from the mother to determine type of reduction procedure that was performed. Nipple translocation procedure results in more tissue destruction than does the inferior pedicle technique.

General Breast Surgery Considerations

  • Insufficient lactation is more common with prior breast surgery.
  • The risk increases if a peri-areolar incision was used. 
  • Providers should follow the infant’s growth more closely and make certain the pediatric care provider is aware of the maternal history of breast surgery.
  • Breast reduction has the greater potential to impact breastfeeding.

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