Breast Augmentation

A surgery to increase the size of the breast(s) by surgically inserting an implant beneath the breast tissue.

  • Implants are not a contraindication to breastfeeding.
  • Most women with breast augmentation can be successful with breastfeeding. Assess her for a lack of underlying tissue as indication for augmentation (rare) and the use of a peri-areolar incision as these are risk factors for low supply. 
  • Silicone and saline implants are compatible with breastfeeding.

General Breast Surgery Considerations

  • Insufficient lactation is more common with prior breast surgery.
  • The risk increases if a peri-areolar incision was used. 
  • Providers should follow the infant’s growth more closely and make certain the pediatric care provider is aware of the maternal history of breast surgery.
  • Breast reduction has the greater potential to impact breastfeeding.

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